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Centrelink Agency

The Mount Barker Centrelink Agency offers services to remote clients who are unable to travel to the Albany Service centre. Because it is only an agency, our services are limited. Centrelink agents are unable to access client files, alter personal details, provide clients with information regarding their accounts or organise payments, reimburse Medicare claims, however our Centrelink agents can assist clients in the following areas:

  • The completion of forms
  • Online services
  • Faxing documentation to Centrelink
  • Submitting proof of identification
  • Making a claim
  • General enquiries

There are two computers and two telephones available in the agency as well as a fax machine. All clients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the equipment, which may in return, reduce their waiting time; should there be an influx of clients.

Because the Centrelink Agency closes at 1:30PM, clients who wish to use the phones, are expected to call before 1:15PM. Clients who are making a claim or faxing through large amounts of documents must also do this before 1:15PM. Clients may be asked to hang up the phone should their call exceed 1:30PM. Clients are encouraged to come before the nominated times to guarantee the delivery of their documents and to ensure that they are able to reach the Department of Human Services by the closing time.

For information on what the Department of Human Services can offer you, please visit, http://www.humanservices.gov.au/

The Mount Barker Community Resource Centre does not tolerate abusive behaviour therefore customers will be refused to be served if our staff are mistreated. Please know that we are here to help so help us to help you.