Food Relief Agency

The Food Relief Agency is a service provided by the Mount Barker Community Resource Centre which assists low income individuals and families with food and other necessities at a low cost. We rely on donations of time, food and money to keep the doors open. We have a great team of volunteers who have offered their time and support in order to keep the agency running.

We have been very blessed to have received donations and support from other organisations and members of our community. We can assure you that all donations that have been made have gone to a good cause and has helped many individuals and families who are in need.

According to Foodbank WA:

“105,000 people are currently homeless”

“2.2 million people live in poverty”

“10.9% of children live in poverty”

 “1 in 4 pensioners live in or close to poverty”

Help us to help others. Your donations could save lives.

If you are in a position to give or you are in a position of need, please contact us or drop in.


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